Monday, April 23, 2012

ZNZ One Success

znz one success

Succeeding With ZNZ One

Finding success with znz one and znz big cash is not super difficult although by reading some of the comments you can find on my videos surrounding znz one, you would think it was, but the reality is this: Learn how to market your program and you will make money. Do not learn how to market your program and you will not make money. Pretty simple.

While this attitude may seem overly simplistic and even sarcastic to many, the truth is that the requirements for znz one success are the same for success with any online program. Basically there are a few steps and systems that you must have in place, but once established you should be able to find at least a little bit of success.

So let's talk about marketing, this is the first step to znz one success and folks must understand that online marketing is a process, it's not advertising and this is where many get confused. As I have already stated, marketing is a process. That process can be divided into 3 components that you can use for ANY online program.

The first part of this "process" is having a proven business model. You must have a program or a product that people are in search of. Goes back to the whole find a need, fill a need economic premise. Today, more than ever, there are hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of people looking for ways to improve their financial situations. Some would like to own their own businesses and become entrepreneurs, but make no doubt about it, there is not a lack of people wanting more out of life - no matter how you define it.

Marketing ZNZ One With a System

Once you have a product or a program in place, you must create your marketing system. This system actually has components within it, but these are usually fairly simple to create. In the case of znz one and znz big cash, the marketing system has been completed for you - all you have to do is plug into it.

The parts of a marketing system are:
  1. A capture page
  2. An auto-responder
You can also have a sales or splash page that you could use to do some selling, but I would rather have people arrive at the capture page as soon as possible. This is where a little marketing "know how" is going to make a huge difference. Your job is to figure out and determine what it is that people are looking for. Are they looking for free training or help to find success? Are they looking for a financial incentive of some type? Maybe a recorded webinar will work or an eBook with a catchy title.

Enticing the Prospect

What ever the "carrot," you must put something out there that will motivate the visitor to fill out the form on the capture page and leave - bare minimum - an email address so that you can start the contact process and the process of developing a relationship with your prospect. You do this by creating your emails that are loaded onto your auto-responder service with enticing information that will motivate the prospect to take action.

If you are going to find znz one success at all you need to have emails that are answering people's questions and solving their problems. This is a very important step and I wouldn't skimp on it.

Once you have your capture page done and have it linked with your capture page then it's all about promoting that capture page link. There are many ways to do this. You can promote your znz one capture page link at different classified ad sites, through blogging or videos that you produce or you may want to start posting your information on facebook or some other social media website.

znz one success

Consistency In Posting is Key

As you begin to put more and more links out there on the web, you should start getting some folks opting into your capture page - usually to get more information. This starts to auto-responder sequence as well, so every day or so people that have opted into the capture page will start receiving emails that are designed to sell to them. You will want to leave enough contact information here so that people can get in touch with you as well. This is a big deal for many - folks just want to know there is a human on the other side of their computer.

While this marketing "process" described above just touches on the entire marketing process, this is how it works. Using these simple methods you should be able to generate targeted leads that are interested in your opportunities and you should find success with programs like znz one along the way.

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  1. I just finished getting set up and have sent out about 4 ads today. I am hoping for some good leads. I used a couple of the pre-made ads, then wrote a couple of my own with key words I had looked for. Sure hope they work.